Cleaning Systems

Washer WST

rinse. clean. treat. siliconize. dry.

The final product quality of pharmaceutical rubber or plastic components is linked to the cleaning process and the chosen treatment (e.g. siliconization). PTA washing machine are designed to meet different capacity requirements for a fully automated cleaning and siliconization of rubber and plastic components (e.g. closure elements for vials).

With our pass-through machine design, it is possible to integrate the washer as a partition wall into the production area to separate loading and unloading side. The washer type WST is available with three different loading capacities:

  • WST-850 PT: Loading capacity ≤ 180 kg
  • WST-1000 PT: Loading capacity ≤ 240 kg
  • WST-1600 PT: Loading capacity ≤ 300 kg

The washers are used in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

Sterile WST

rinse. clean. treat. siliconize. sterilize. dry.
The Sterile WST washer with its patented high-pressure cleaning process or DIP (Direct Impact Cleaning) guarantees the removal of particulate and a significant reduction of pyrogens. The sterilization processes a sub-aqual/steam process. With our special drying programs for lyo products it is possible to achieve a consistent and low residual humidity.

Uni Washer

rinse. clean. treat. siliconize. dry.
The Uni washer is designed to handle mid-sized production capacities with short cycle times. The loading and unloading process for the components (pre-loaded as bulk goods in boxes) is fully automated.
The Uni Washer was developed together with a world leading pharmaceutical company to ensure a fast and high-quality process of a high volume production.


Washing, Siliconizing, Drying
Cycle time
Short cycle times
Stainless steel design 1.4404 (AISI 316)
or higher grade
Automatic dosing of detergent and silicon emulsion
Process components as bulk goods, in boxes or in cases
Gentle and abrasion free treatment
No particulate residue guaranteed due to CIP
Different loading capacities avaiable
Pass-through Design
Guaranteed clean unlaoding process due to the pass-through design
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