PTA ist zertifiziert
    nach DIN 9001


    Smooth operation and professional support

    PTA Service ensures that each PTA system runs smoothly by providing preventive maintenance work and professional support during operation.

    A highly qualified service team is available for all inspection, maintenance and repair tasks.

    A service concept that is to be applied to the special operating cycle is developed and coordinated with the customer for each system. The maintenance concept includes the appraisal and optimization of the system and detailed pharmaceutical documentation according to cGMP guidelines.


    •     Inspection, maintenance and repair 
      Routine and preventive maintenance avoids costly standstill periods and ensures that the systems retain their value.
    •     Capacity expansion, modernization and modification work
      With minimal standstill times and smooth commissioning. Planning and installation work by the firm’s own experts, commissioning, qualification, hardware, software and technical documentation from a single source.
    •     Breakdown service
      Breakdown report through our Service Center, consultation, tele-service for remote diagnosis
    •     Replacement parts and parts subject to wear
      The use of original parts guarantees a high level of reliability. The ability to procure spare parts on short notice and comprehensive warehousing of parts subject to wear ensure rapid availability of the necessary parts.
    •     Calibration
      PTA offers routine calibration of temperature, pressure, conductivity and flow during maintenance.
    •     Qualification / requalification
      IQ, OQ
    •     Coordination with partner firms
      We coordinate with partner firms so that the system can be put into operation as rapidly as possible.
    •     DEHS test
      If requested, we expand our maintenance services to include a DEHS test, including test report.