PTA is certified
to DIN 9001


PTA CLEANING SYSTEMS: Intelligent technology for the greatest purity and production efficiency

The thorough, efficient cleaning of small pharmaceutical parts and their swift further processing represents a crucial contribution to the quality of the end product. PTA develops highly efficient washing systems for various capacity requirements for the fully automatic special cleaning of small rubber or plastic parts with high end-finish demands (such as elastomer closing elements). The systems allow extremely high purification levels, including sterilization, and their carefully thought-out functions support production efficiency.

Since 2009, PTA's product range has been supplemented by the complete manufacturing program of Huber Maschinenfabrik GmbH, from Freising, Germany, with its special technology for cleaning and sterilizing.

Washing – Rinsing – Siliconizing – Sterilizing - Drying: In one process step!

PTA CLEANING SYSTEMS are particularly suitable for production environments in which the rapid and extremely thorough, but nevertheless gentle, cleaning of small industrial parts is a substantial criterion, such as in the pharmaceutical, food and automotive industries.