PTA is certified
to DIN 9001


We think in terms of solutions

A perfect production environment is the prerequisite for economically manufacturing effective medicines. PTA's cleanroom technology offers you the best conditions for the widest range of task definitions in dealing with active pharmaceutical substances.

Filling, decanting, weighing and sampling highly active substances are critical moments for ensuring product quality, and also for comprehensively and reliably protecting the personnel from contamination. A continuous sterilization chain is indispensable in all processes.

To meet these demands, PTA offers an extensive product program that combines functionality, efficiency and precision with excellent protective measures. Each of our systems is individually designed for the respective production environment, and each fulfils the stringent requirements imposed by the pharmaceutical industry. Our systems also observe the current pertinent standards, such as GMP and FDA standards. PTA cleanroom systems correspond to cleanroom class 100 or safety class 1 or 2 (DIN 12469), depending on the requirement.

Cleanroom technology from PTA - for optimum process efficiency.